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We are a team of specialists with a passion for problem solving. Basing on our knowledge and experience, we support people and organizations which cooperate with us and help them achieve their goals.

Our potential multiplies thanks to the cooperation with practitioners and specialists. These people are experienced businessmen and consultants. Thus, we are able to manage almost every task.

Our consultants give support in the following domains:
o Persuasion and social influence
o Negotiations and sales techniques
o Personal development and other business competences

We can describe our methodology in seven main steps:
1. Setting goals to achieve which will be an outcome of the cooperation      
We set both general and specific goals. Then we agree on quantitative (an increase in sales, preferred levels of clients’ satisfaction) and qualitative indicators (a change of somebody’s behaviour, standards realisation).

2. Choosing an explaining model                                                          
We build a model of situation which helps us explain what exactly and why should be changed. Thus, not only will it allow you to fully understand the idea of our actions, but you will also be given a chance to verify our assumptions.

3. Diagnosing an actual situation                                                           
We diagnose the extent of an “organizational illness” very precisely. We do it by the use of following psychological tools and techniques:
o Observations
o Interviews (standardised)
o Questionnaires
o Tests and batteries of tests

4. Problems identification                                                                    
We describe problems in terms of concrete behaviour and ways of thinking of people who we diagnose. We are able to show the exact causes of problems and to direct further activities against difficulties to gain an optimum state.

5. Developing solutions                                                                       
During this phase of the changing process specific solutions are created. We analyse all materials concerning the organization, employees, clients and then refer to psychological models. It is possible to introduce specific abilities, behaviours, strategies and ways of implementing new ideas.

6. Applying solutions to the problems                                                    
Preferred methods of introducing necessary changes are :

o Trainings and workshops
o Consulting
o Coaching
o E-learning

7. Effects monitoring                                                                          
The effects of the cooperation are controlled in a previously set moment and in an agreed form. The monitoring allows introduction of corrections to previously applied solutions and enables work on further carrier management of a chosen person. Monitoring can be conducted by the use of techniques like: observations, questionnaires and statistical indicators.